Delivery Time: 1-5 Hours

NOKIA 7230 whose version is 10.82 or higher or whose imei begins by the following numbering: 35861604.

To view the version type * # 0000 #
For the rest of Nokia Symbian Movistar use the product Nokia Movistar Instantly or Nokia Movistar Slow. For lumias use LUMIA MOVISTAR THE LUMIA MOVISTAR 20 DIGITOS


We will switch on the phone without SIM card and write the following sequence:

# Pw + CODE + 1 #
Note: To enter the +, p and w you must press the asterisk (*) key several times. Remember that you only have three attempts to put the code correctly so please note the code. If the code gives you error, do not continue testing and contact us. The codes we provide are 100% reliable so if you have previously exhausted all three attempts with incorrect codes, you will not be able to unlock your phone through IMEI.
Note2: For NOKIA LUMIA just put the sim on another operator and switch on the phone