Delivery Time: 5-20 Minute

This is the icloud unlocking by hardware method for ipad.Service is working 24*7 auto API.


Please write12 time X Only" xxxxxxxxxxxx " to place orders,we will reply correct A8 SN+WiFi+BT address.


DLXNQABCD186 WiFi:9CF3877E0455 BT:9CF3877E056


Supported CPUs: All CPUs
Supported iPads: All iPads (except the below)

Unsupported iPads: iPad Air 1 iPad Mini 2 iPad Mini 3


This service iCloud is warranty for 24-48 hours,After successful activation,please login to the new apple ID quickly.
1 : If can’t be actived , please follow the steps below Check the serial number/WiFi address/Bluetooth address are written correct;
2 : If your device is a cellular version(4G-lte),you need to cut off the gsm baseband to make it be the WiFi only,dismantle the IC nand flash and using box edit write new full set serial by(Navi pro-IPbox.WL...ect);
3: Restore your device to the latest IOS system with iTunes;

4 : IOS 12 system must use iTunes or connect WiFi to active .if use the third-party tools such as “itools” assistant will not be actived;

5 : If still can't be actived after doing the above steps, please send a video which with WIFI address/Bluetooth address/serial number and can'be active status sreenshot to us, we will verify at the frist time .